may 10. — jul. 2024


Emin. Series Colección Rijksakademie, 2008

Lucas Di Pascuale

Ink on papel
12.6 x 9.8 in each


Rectángulo negro sobre blanco (exhumación), 2021

Gilda Picabea

Oil on canvas
35.5 x 35.5 in


Dorian Gray. Autorretrato. Series Personæ, 2022

Martín Sichetti

Pencil and pastel on paper
39.4 x 23.6 in


Huevo objetivo, 2023

Sofía Quirno

Plastic, wood, paper glue, fiber paste and marker
11.8 x 3.9 x 3.9 in


Amarillo. Series Bolsas de ficción, 2023

Lucía Reissig

Mesh bag, Iron frame, plastic thread, giclée print, epoxy resin and
polyurethane foam, plumb pit, onion skin
26.4 x 19.7 in


Una rosa, es una, 2010

Ivana Vollaro

Digital photography
11.02 x 19.29 in
Edition 1 of 5 + 2 A.P.


Cazador guaraní. Series Misiones, 2023

Florencia Böhtlingk

Oil on canvas
37 x 47.2 in


Bandera, 2016-2021

Diego Figueroa

Broomstick, lid and 20-liter paint bucket, and latex on fiber cement sheet roofing fragment
51.2 x 15.7 x 3.1 in


Aída Carballo, Libro de estampas, p.34. Series Trabajos prácticos, 2020

Leticia Obeid

Ink on paper
11.7 x 8.3 in


Untitled. Series La ilusión, 2017

Leila Tschopp

Acrylic on canvas
13.7 x 19.6 in


La maza de Tony, 2015

Gabriel Baggio

Enameled ceramic with gold and platinum luster
7.9 x 3.9 x 2.7 in


Untitled, 2010

Dani Umpi

Pencil on canvas
23.6 x 19.7 in


Untitled. Series Piedras, 2023

Elena Loson

Graphite ink and Prussian-ink blue, powdered graphite and shellac on paper
41.7 x 30.7 in


Growing Sideways, 2016-2017

Catalina Schliebener

Found object on acrylic
15.7 x 11.8 x 10.6 in



Copiado y prestado (Copied and Borrowed) presents a selection of works by 14 artists who critically reflect on the dynamics of copying, appropriation, and references in contemporary art. This exhibition not only showcases the relevance of these practices in visual arts but also places them within a broader framework of cultural and theoretical practices that question traditional notions of creation and authorship.

In the era of information and technology, where the reproduction and distribution of images and texts are instantaneous and ubiquitous, copying transforms from a mechanical act into a critical strategy that challenges conventions of authenticity and originality. The artists in this exhibition not only replicate or reuse visual elements but also decontextualize and recode them, creating works that are both reflections on contemporary culture and new creations in their own right.

Appropriation, in turn, becomes an intertextual dialogue that crosses genres and disciplines, revealing the permeability of cultural boundaries and the interdependence of artistic forms. By reconfiguring known images, texts, and concepts, the works presented here invite viewers to reconsider what it means to ‘own’ an image or idea, and how these possessions are negotiated in the public and cultural space.

Finally, the artistic references and quotes in the selected works function as bridges between different eras and aesthetics, facilitating a continuous dialogue between the past and the present. This practice not only enriches the texture and complexity of the works but also underscores the continuity and evolution of artistic ideas over time.

Copied and Borrowed is an invitation to explore how copying, appropriation, and quotes are essential tools for interrogating and understanding contemporary artistic practices. The exhibition challenges visitors to consider these operations as critical methods that reflect and shape the visual culture we are immersed in.

Participating Artists:
Gabriel Baggio, Florencia Böhtlingk, Lucas Di Pascuale, Diego Figueroa, Elena Loson, Leticia Obeid, Gilda Picabea, Sofía Quirno, Lucía Reissig, Catalina Schliebener, Martín Sichetti, Leila Tschopp, Dani Umpi, Ivana Vollaro.

During the exhibition, it will be possible to access the Estate of Santiago García Sáenz and Foto Estudio Luisita archive.