LO QUE QUEDA / Group show.
HACHE | Buenos Aires, Argentina / November 23 to March 6, 2021

HACHE presents Lo que queda, an exhibition of paintings, photographs, videos, ceramics, collages and drawings by thirteen artists from the gallery.
Lo que queda is the title that gives its name to the show and is configured from the unavoidable question about the state of things and the idea of individual and collective process in contemporary life. How do habits and hierarchies produced at the microscale of domestic life affect the collective? How is the collective processed in the intimate space?
With works by Gabriel Baggio (Buenos Aires, 1974), Florencia Böhtlingk (Buenos Aires, 1966), Diego Figueroa (Buenos Aires, 1975. Lives in Resistencia, Chaco), Foto Estudio Estudio Luisita (Luisa Escarria 1958 - 2019), Elena Loson (Rosario, 1980. Lives in Santiago de Chile), Leticia Obeid (Córdoba, 1975. Lives in Buenos Aires), Gilda Picabea (Buenos Aires, 1974), Sofía Quirno (Buenos Aires, 1978. Lives in New York), Catalina Schliebener (Santiago de Chile, 1980. Lives in New York), Martín Sichetti (Buenos Aires, 1973), Leila Tschopp (Buenos Aires, 1978), Dani Umpi (Tacuarembó, 1974. Lives between Uruguay and Argentina) & Ivana Vollaro (Buenos Aires, 1971).

Ph Nacho Iasparra